Friday, September 07, 2007

Haiku For You, you just have to try it!

I love this website. I found it via Myspace and you can check out their link which is
Haiku For You You submit a little thought or story, and if selected, they turn your idea into a little art-piece accompanied by a haiku written about your story.

I submitted my little diddy, and look here! Yeah, I love it. I will hold this dear to my heart! Below is the story that I submitted, or you can click this link here, A Sense of Wonder to see the website and my story...

Here’s Jana’s story:

“Many years ago, in my 20’s, I wrote a little love poem to the universe about needing someone to share secret things with… someone who saw everyday miracles in nature like I did. I wrote something like, “Pardon me, won’t you pause with me a while to ponder lichen?”

Twenty or so years later, I was hurrying out of my SUV with my little blonde light-source daughter. As she jumped down onto an oak tree root, she exclaimed to me, pointing, “Mama, look at this! what is it!!?”

I looked down to see a patch of green, luscious lichen. At that moment, I stood transfixed with amazement at this little wonder who reminded me of that poem that I wrote so long ago, begging for a love to share the world with. Here she was before me, seeing the amazing universe, reminding me to stop and smell the roses, something that I often forget to do. What a gift.”


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