Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days until Christmas: 12 Gift IDEAS TODAY!

12 Days until Christmas: Last minute Local :12 Gift IDEAS TODAY!

1.Shop local: Grab some goodies from your local farmer's market or holiday craft fair:
hand made artisan soaps, candles, jewelry....

2.Grandparents for their grandchildren:
Gift certificate for dance, singing, music, piano (etc.) lessons (Winter class schedules begin in January).

3.Movie tickets. These 3-d movies are expensive these days!

4.The gift of green:
Orchids, pretty indoor plants, stag horn ferns, or medicinal herbs...

5.Parents with college students:
Gift Certificate toward a great dinner at a local college restaurant.

6.Support your local favorite neighborhood musicians: buy their c-d.

7. I-tunes gift certificate, or burn your own compilation and distribute accordingly. :)

8. Hostess gift. Remember how much it costs to feed the ENTIRE family on Christmas Day and be sure to honor her/him with something for their hard work. Bar towels, oven-mitts, bake-ware, serving platters, plant, flowers, chocolate....etc.

9. BOOZE. Nesting at home 'cause it's too expensive to go out, or get a DUI...We love to keep our liquor-larder stocked. Rum, Grand Mariner, Kahlua....

10. The local Art-groups, including the city Fine Art Centers and the CARCS and UPARCS have wonderful art for sale. You can really find some pretty pottery, small framed icons...Great gifts that usually support local organizations.

11. "A Day at the Spa", massage, facials, pedicures...gift certificates from your local day spa.

12. Support your local playhouse:
tickets to an upcoming show or production.


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