Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 9 : 15 More Days Until Christmas. Idea #9: The Big PayBack

Got to have it for yourself, or by it for your tragically-musically-hip, loved one:
The Big Payback, by Dan Charnas. (I ordered mine today!)

While listening to the interview done by Terry Gross with writer Dan Charnas about Charnas' book that chronicles the history of Hip-Hop, I actually started to cry, well, I welled-up. This great interview also played samples of some old-school hip hop by The Sugarhill Gang, Run DMC, and other great artists from "Back in the Day," and it brought back so many great memories. Man, this music really stands the test of time, it was so ground breaking in the 80's and still makes you want to move and party today.

To learn about the inside story of the beginnings of Hip-Hop and follow the creative explosion of the movers and shakers in the Hip-Hop industry like Sylvia Robinson Russell Simmons, Rick Ruben and others is a great journey.

Your music lover will really enjoy this read. The Big Payback

Get out your vinyl, spin some Sugarhill and enjoy a great book!


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